These are all the apps that I have worked on and created since I have been a developer. All but one of the apps are built with Flutter.

The Pitch Pipe The Pitch Pipe The Pitch Pipe The Pocket Piano Sheet Music Pro Sheet Music Pro
Hymns for Worship Hymns for Worship Space Curiosity Space Curiosity Space Evaders Space Evaders
SideCar for Tesla SideCar for Tesla Ampstor Ampstor My Unify CRM My Unify CRM


Here are all my projects I am working on and are in progress.

Name Pub Stars
get_version get_version Star
app_review app_review Star
flutter_sms flutter_sms Star
flutter_whatsnew flutter_whatsnew Star
native_widgets native_widgets Star
number_control number_control Star
flutter_midi flutter_midi Star
cupertino_controllers cupertino_controllers Star
persist_theme persist_theme Star
data_tables data_tables Star
dynamic_tabs dynamic_tabs Star
sheet_music sheet_music Star
floating_search_bar floating_search_bar Star
responsive_scaffold responsive_scaffold Star
mobile_popup mobile_popup Star
mobile_sidebar mobile_sidebar Star
dart_firebase dart_firebase Star
fb_auth fb_auth Star
fb_storage fb_storage Star
fb_firestore fb_firestore Star
breakpoint breakpoint Star
page_turn page_turn Star
easy_web_view easy_web_view Star
flutter_piano   Star
personal-website   Star
vscode_ipad   Star
gmail_clone   Star
shared_dart   Star
moor_shared   Star
flutter_routing   Star
flutter_x   Star
flutter_login   Star
tasks_clone   Star
flutter_everywhere   Star
navigation_rail   Star
settings_manager   Star

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