Rody Davis




My name is Rody Davis and I grew up in Alabama and currently work at Google on the Material Design team as a Developer Advocate and live in San Francisco.

Growing up, I was always taking apart every device I had and recreating it to figure it out and how it worked then sometimes making something new. I always wanted to be an inventor growing up, and I would sketch out designs and build prototypes and stuff them in a box. In high school I was in marching band on the drumline and worked many jobs.

I went to Florida College with the intention of being an Audio Visual Technician. After working that job for almost five years, I joined a small startup where I managed the video department and later became the System Administrator.

Eventually I realized that this was not the job I wanted anymore, so I slowly but steadily taught my self mobile development. I created my first app and released it to the AppStore- “The Pitch Pipe”- and it quickly gained traction as it fulfilled a need in the market being overlooked. I was then able to get a job as a professional mobile developer and now I am in charge of the mobile department creating both Android and iOS apps.

Something that dawned on me recently is that I am doing my dream job. I always wanted to be an inventor and now I am. It may not involve physical products but the rules still apply. I get to create products from pure imagination and bring them to market.

I am looking forward to what the future will bring and I’m excited about all the new technologies coming up. All the apps I create reflect what I am learning and trying to perfect with the different markets and technologies for mobile. We spend a majority of our lives on our smart phones, so there is a need now more than ever for high quality and functioning apps.

Never stop learning and trying to be better.